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American Pie is a series of sex comedy films. The first film in the series was released in 1999, by Universal Pictures, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, cult following amongst young people. The second and third films were released at two-year intervals, whereas the fourth film was released in 2012. A spin-off film series titled American Pie Presents, which includes four direct-to-video films was released from 2005 to 2009.

Throughout the first film in the original series, Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) tries to develop a relationship with his school classmate Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), and along with his best friends Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Chris Ostreicher (Chris Klein), attempts to lose his virginity. In the second film, with good friend, and Finch’s frenemy Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott), the friends host a summer party and Jim switches his interest to his friend, Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan). In the third film, Jim and Michelle plan to marry, although the forced invitation of Stifler could ruin everything. In the fourth film, the gang gets back together in anticipation for their thirteenth high school reunion. The spin-off series later revolves around relatives of Stifler, including his brother, Matt (Tad Hilgenbrink), and cousins Erik (John White), Dwight (Steve Talley), Scott (John Patrick Jordan), and their respective friends attempting similar activities.

The original series, produced on a total budget of US$145 million, has grossed $1 billion worldwide. The spin-off films were released direct-to-video. The original series has received mixed to positive reviews from critics, while the spin-off series has received negative reviews from critics.
In the original American Pie (1999), Jim Levenstein and his friends Kevin Myers, Paul Finch, and Chris Ostreicher attempt to lose their virginity before their high school graduation. Jim pursues Slovakian exchange student Nadia, but his attempts fail after he ejaculates prematurely twice during foreplay, and instead pursues band geek Michelle, asking her to the prom. At Stifler’s prom after-party, Jim has a one-night stand with Michelle.[10]

In American Pie 2 (2001), Jim and his friends organize a party at a summer beach house in Grand Harbor reuniting the high school gang. Nadia returns, and Jim asks Michelle to help him finally have sex with her. Jim ends up realizing he is in love with Michelle (whose feelings are mutual), and goes to a recital where she is performing to reveal this to her.[11]

American Wedding (2003) begins with Jim proposing to Michelle. Finch, Kevin, and Stifler help the arranging of his marriage.[12]

In the years that have passed since American Wedding, the most recent installment American Reunion (2012) shows Jim and Michelle married with a child, and Kevin has gotten married himself, whereas Oz and Heather grew apart, Finch still has not found love (not counting Stifler’s mom), and Stifler has not come to terms with the fact that his teenage years are long gone. Now these lifelong friends have come home as adults for their thirteenth high school class reunion, to reminisce about – and get inspired by – the hormonal teens they once were.[13]

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